3 Headed Monster & Dragget Show albumbs now available online!!!



This weekend we started selling our 3 Headed Monster & Best of Dragget Show CDs, and it went well. We have many more to sell, but we heard a lot of you want to be able to buy the mp3s online…so we are doing that!

3 Headed Monster – Happy Hour: We (Xander, Pandez & Alkali) have been doing this stand-up show around the country at different cons for a while now, and have put together our first album! At 25 minutes between each or us, this includes our favorite bits of ours from the past couple years.

Dragget Show – Best of the Worst #1-#100: Here it is! These are our favorite bits from our first 100 episodes. From History Channel to Titpunch The Movie, we nailed it down to these 20 moments. Not only is it a great highlight reel, but it also serves as a great springboard into the podcast and getting to know the various inside jokes.

There you go, guys. We hope you like these as much as we did making them. Enjoy!



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